In the Classroom

In the Classroom

Classroom Workshops

With the current wellness movement happening within the education community, there has never been a better time to team up with Karma! Our programs support students, educators, and parents on the journey toward better health awareness. Select from our healthy menu of programs designed by Ontario trained educators

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Max your Vibe

We know curriculum can feel heavy! Let us help! We’ve created student self growth programs that support students in coping, self-esteem, relationships and team building in your classroom. The best part? We cover your health curriculum and support you in ongoing wellness learning!

Grow with the Flow

Whether it’s a whole school wellness initiative, or just your classroom - we’ve got you! Let us bring yoga, stretching and mindfulness meditations to support your school wide wellness goals!

Classroom Nutrition

Nutrition plays a huge role in student success. Help inspire your students to make healthier food choices to fuel their bodies and minds. We conduct workshops that teach students about the impact that food has on their bodies and we provide them with the tools to make healthier choices.

PD for Educators

Teachers are the unsung heroes of society, putting students above all else. Give back at your next team meeting or professional development day, with a program designed so that teachers can find their way back to their creative, happy, and inspired best selves! We bring yoga, mindfulness, and self-growth to your doorstep with programs made by teachers, for teachers!

Eating for Success

Let’s work together to create more health awareness in your community! Our “Eating for Success” program offers current research on health and wellness, that educate families in preparing lunches with brain powered foods that support students academically. Have your school PTA reach out to consult with us for free!

What our clients are saying

As parents we all aim to to provide nutritious meals for our children to maximize the health and development of our children. Tiffany and Lisa's program Eating for Success is a comprehensive parent nutrition program that is informative and user friendly. Their research on nutrition and the impact on cognitive development and academic success was a great reminder of the power food has to positively affect our kids engagement in school and their overall emotional and physical well being. I loved the meal ideas and upon completion of the program I received a recipe book that was practical and delicious! Our family has loved the alternatives to high sugar and salt, store bought varieties. Thanks Tiffany and Lisa, we loved it! - Katherine West

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